Bring in Color!

Most people do not pay much attention to the choice of colors in everyday life.  Yet there are times when we walk into a room and everything feels just right. Colors influence us more than we know.  Our mood is subconsciously reacting to the environment. The colors we choose will inspire not just the tone of the room but how we feel when we’re in it.

Wish to unwind? Reduce stress?

Try being deliberate in your design. Pursue tranquillity with soft muted colors or calming blues. Whichever season you’re in…physically or mentally, since we go through different seasons emotionally as well, bring in nature.  Nature has a calming effect.  Bring in pops of color with fresh flowers, living greens, or perhaps adding a mirror that reflects something beautiful and colorful you love. Especially during stressful seasons, it’s even more important to create health and healing in your surroundings.

Home is your Natural Medicine   – Dr. Donna

Need a skip in your step?

Add some energy through color to make you feel like you’re ready to tackle the next project or knock out your to-do list. Adding a few bright colors, even in moderation can help you feel like you’re ready to start the day on a positive note.

Designing the Details

Once you decide what mood you’d like your room to inspire, start small. Get rid of a few pieces that no longer inspire you. Add in a few elements that provoke exactly the feeling you want them too. It doesn’t take much. A few new throw pillows, decorative items, colorful flowers, a new piece of art or a new paint color can change the entire tone of a room.

Dr. Donna is a Certified Home Stager , Restyle Specialist with a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine.  Located in King of Prussia, Pa. Donna works with her clients to stage their home to sell or restyle to stay using what they already own!