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Certified Home Stager & Restyler, Donna Rothman, Ph.D. 

Who is Donna Rothman? A lifelong learner, intensely curious, organized by nature, and has a habit of moving furniture in her head when she walks into a room and of course a home stager.

We weren’t kidding about that lifelong learner bit ..

BA in Organizational Management • PhD Natural Medicine • Board Certified Holistic Health Coach • ASP© Home Stager • HSR© Certified Home Stager and Restyler • HSR Certified Color Expert • Expert Psychological Stager™ certified by “The Decorologist”, Kristy Barnett, Earth Home School of Feng Shui Certification

She is a tiny house enthusiast.

She hates cleaning the bathtub, too.

She can ballroom dance with the best of them.

She makes her bed as soon as she climbs out of it.

She believes in miracles (and has been known to work them with her power drill!).

She goes nuts for a big kitchen.

She began staging at age 6. Best looking Barbie house on the block. 

She has a secret moving tip. Seriously, its awaiting a patent.

She color codes her closet and never has enough room for her shoes.

“I adore transforming spaces using what my clients already have.  It’s amazing when you shift furniture and art work around in the home and match furnishings my clients didn’t realize they had.  I love it when they go from not liking a room, to being the most favored room in the house.  I stage and restyle so that your home’s value is emphasized, rooms are functional and appealing and colors and style are on-trend.  Let’s make magic!”

— Donna Rothman, Magic Maker

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