I just need a game plan …

Let me guess, you always have a few DIY projects in progress? Perfect. We’ll create a prioritized To Do list so you can move forward on making your home buyer-ready to make a spectacular first impression. 

Staging & Restyling Packages

First Impressions: 2-Hour Consultation with Targeted Actions

  • FaceTime: We’ll do a quick call to make sure we are both on the same page.
  • Walk & Talk: We will cover the interior and curb appeal during this tour, we’ll share tips, tricks and room-by-room strategies to maximize your chances for a quick sale at the highest price. We look at your home and create a plan on how to market it as a product for the general public – to get you offer(s).
  • Staging Roadmap & Checklist: During your consultation well create your comprehensive 20-page customized report and action plan so you can get to work on the priorities that count! This will save you time and money. You will know exactly what to do to have your home look its best. Watch out-you may want to stay!
  • Bonus: We’ll include exclusive Open House and Closet Organization Checklists!

Investment: starting at $299.00 (approx. 2800 sq ft)


Ready for a Refresh? Schedule a 3-Hour Room Makeover with Dr. Donna.

Wanting your home to look like an HGTV makeover? How about in 3-hours? Using what you already have?

Are you looking for a room or home refresh?  Are there spaces that you feel uncomfortable and you want comfort?  Have you been buying things to help make it feel and look comfortable but it’s not coming together? Do you want to come home after a stressful day and feel the relaxation kicking in?  What is the biggest challenge you are experiencing in your home or office? What solutions do you wish you had?  What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  What is the outcome your looking for?

Here’s what you can look forward to giving your room a refresher with Dr. Donna

  • Over 3-Hours We Walk, Talk and Rearrange: Using the furnishings your already have – we can cover one room to the entire home.  Rearranging your furnishings and artwork as we go. Making a list of what you can add to enhance your space and create an on-trend look or the look of your unique taste.

    • Depending on your lifestyle and what you would like to enhance – is our starting point.  What room or rooms are your frustrations?
    •  Whatever your frustrations are we can turn those frustrations and flaws into fabulous.  I use the energy principles of Feng Shui, design, staging and Natural Medicine to create a feeling of home and purpose.   If you want to enhance your life’s direction with your home makeover then we need to upgrade you to the Half-Day Creating a New Life Direction Consultation.  We explore and create a more indepth energy shift and intention in the areas of your home.

Outcomes to look forward to:

    • Enjoying your unique space in a way you haven’t even thought about
    • You’ll feel motivated again because we’ve shifted the energy and you have a clear outcome and purpose for your room.
    • Stop igniting the hormones of stress in your life.  Reduce the effects of stress in your environment and create an environment for well being and rejuvenation for better over-all health and start creating a happier lifestyle.
    • Save money by utilizing what you already have and getting a specific list of what to purchase and where to place it if and when you choose to do that
    • Enjoying the process and learning what the unique styles you have that you can highlight.

Investment: 3-hour mini room makeover $350.00. Call to schedule soon! 


Advancing Life’s New Beginnings

Whether you are in a Transition, through a Transition or heading into one…creating spaces in your home to advance your life’s new direction will help you in a holistic way.  As a former Holistic Health practitioner it became obvious to me that Health and Happiness originate with practices and peace at home. And according to Feng Shui principles, by harnessing the way energy around you mixes with your own energy, our aim is to enhance your home’s energy to enhance your life! Are there areas of life you would like to improve or begin anew?  Do you feel stuck in your life?  Things not moving forward as fast as you want?  Do you feel like the energy is not moving in the right direction?

Together we highlight the dreams that are important to you. We stage and style your spaces, with your new intention, focus, and unique style using what you have.  Or perhaps discarding stuff that hold particular memories or unhappy energies may be the thing to do for a transformation to take place.  I find that tossing stuff or giving it away is one of the toughest things to face but the energy that procrastination brings doesn’t help with moving into a new beginning.

Are you ready to set the stage for a new beginning?  Are you seeking improved relationships with family and friends, making new friends or perhaps a new romantic partner?  Do you want to create more spirituality in your life or create better habits?  Would you like a cozier bedroom or just sleep better?  Do you have a home office and would like to enhance your productivity, focus and prosperity?  Would you like to travel more, entertain or cook at home?  Do you want to reduce the areas of stress in your life and create an environment of growth, development and peace? Our session is about what you want to enhance and then we work within those areas of your home.

  • We start with Holistic assessments:

1. Circle of Life assessment to determine the areas of life to start focusing on and the new path(s) you would like to take.

2. Using a Breakthrough Thinking Methodology we capture where you are in your thought pattern and emotion within the circle of life assessment and where is it that you want to be.  Then we go to work on creating those intentions in your home.

  • We then tour your home and start to shift the energy by rearranging your furnishings by placing them in a more positive position to support your intention.  We look at your artwork and the effects it brings in different spaces. You become conscious of what you haven’t been conscious of.
  • Using the 5 elements of Feng Shui ,we pinpoint elements that you can add to enhance the energies of your intention and balance the room(s).  I will give you suggestions on adding color in a particular space(s).
  • I will advise you on purchases you can make to enhance each space – which helps save you money and time with your unique design.
  • The outcome of your consultation is that we will change the flow of energy and it will be noticeable right away!

Ready to create a home that supports you in your new endeavors in life? Let’s get you started with creating a home to support your dreams and advance your life.

Half-Day: $575.00

Feeling overwhelmed with preparing your home to sell? This staging day is all about rolling up our sleeves, following the detailed Staging Report and working together to start staging the main areas of the home right away, using what you already have. You won’t believe the difference a few hours makes using what you already own?

  • Phone Time: We’ll do a quick call to make sure we are both on the same page.
  • Walk & Work: We’ll focus on the main areas of your home and make dramatic changes using the furnishings you already have.
  • Shopping List: We’ll determine any items that you may want to purchase to enhance the appeal of your home.
  • You will be “Pretty As A Picture”: A picture speaks a thousand words. You can create new or updated photos of the right angles to make sure prospective buyers have the right impression.
  • Action Plan: We’ll leave you with a detailed list of any To Dos so you can complete the look.

(PS: We’ll roll up our sleeves with you for four hours. To make sure we can get right to work, please clean and declutter before our arrival!)  

Investment: starting at $850.00

Not a fan of Shopping for Home Accessories?  No problem! We’ll create a budget and shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home or for you to use in your new home.

$75.00 per shopping hour

I left my imagination in kindergarten …

Having a hard time being objective about your home? Not to worry, we’ll work side-by-side to see beyond your story and revise it to benefit the potential buyer.

Ready To Turn “For Sale” Into “Sold”?

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