Project Description

Using what you have…

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have to go with the flow for your own happiness!  When you move twice in 4 months it can be frustrating but this turned out perfectly!  We some fun mini-lights to the darker corners the artifical trees. I’m not a big fan of artifical, but when you live in the north if just might be difficult to have indoor plants, you get yourself some good ones.  We added in pops-of her favorite colors with artwork and accessories.  It’s all about enhancing your unique style!

ChaosOrganized and Livable

Donna’s Magic

My client needed to relocate her Stage and Restyled new apartment.  So we created another new space using what she already had.

Donna Recommends

Here are some of the concepts I used. You can use them in your own home.

  • Choose Your Major Color.

  • What are the accent colors that will coordinate with your major color?

  • Creating Stylish themes of accessories that you love or mean something special to you.

What The Client Says

“I can’t believe I had to move again but it was easy, everything fit perfectly and now I have some precious outdoor space to enjoy too!”

— Donna R.

It’s Time to Love Your Home.

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