Turn Frustrating “Flaws” Into Fabulous Features

To say we all have a lot of things vying for our time is an understatement. Your home doesn’t need to be one of them. Restyling is a cost-effective and wallet friendly way to create the environment you’re dreaming of. We reimagine your space to function in a way that supports and enhances your current lifestyle. We help you enhance your home’s value and appeal by suggesting on-trend paint colors, restyling and rearranging the furnishings that you already have. Save money by updating with a plan. A little restyling goes a very long way. 

How about a Spring Mini-Makeover?

Eliminate or emphasize? Colors or neutrals? Finding it difficult to settle on the best on-trend style or paint-colors?  Is this room for sleeping … or working … or exercising …? If I trip over one more toy …Envisioning your home in a different light can be downright frustrating, not to mention overwhelming. We shift, add, remove, organize, declutter and rearrange the flow of your home to fit your lifestyle, needs, and comfort. It’s your home, just better.

Restyling is Personal

You are unique and so is your home. We customize our restyling services to meet your needs. A brief phone conversation will help us understand your goals and personality and then we’ll create a package just for you.

“More than anything, I want balance for my clients. I want their space to enhance their values in life. I want them to walk in their home and breathe a sigh of relief and relaxation.”

— Donna Rothman, Owner & Restylist

It’s Time to Love Your Home.

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