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At Stage & Restyle we are in the business of Enhancing Your Home’s Value and Appeal.

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? According to the National Association of Realtors 83% of buyers agents say that staging makes it easier for the buyer to “visualize” a property as their future home.  Yet most people confuse staging with decorating and I’m here to tell you staging is not decorating.  It’s about highlighting your home’s value from the perspective of the new home owner. It’s about turning your story into theirs.  It’s all about them. 

How we help you when you’re living in your home and having to sell it?: We help you get your home market-ready for prospective buyers, turning your story into theirs by covering first impressions from a buyers perspective, what to lighten up, what to do to emphasize the feeling of home that your house offers. By recommending what to rearrange, remove, and reduce with furnishings you already have – saves you time and money. We are out to create a product (your home) that appeals to a new buyer audience.

Restyling to Stay: You can Restyle and Redesign your space with little to no added investment.  I love helping clients use what they already have.  Or perhaps you want to spice up your look a little.  I can help…right from your computer!

With my eDesign Packages we can Restyle your space, Redesign your rooms, figure the best furniture layout, paint color and accessories.  We collaborate with some questions and then I get to work on your design.  Sending you a 2-D rendering, a 3-D rendering a mood board so you can shop the look on your own.  Restyling spaces is one of my most favorite things to do with clients.  This fun consultation is about creating the space, function, style and mood that you desire.  It’s all about you.  Fill out this questionnaire and I’ll let you know how I can help. 

                                             And we do this by utilzing what you already have.

Combining the art and science of design, color and Feng Shui principles you’ll be amazed at the look and feel of your new space. With an eDesign package you can send me photos of your room, dimensions and I can help you without coming to your home.   This takes the worry out of social distancing but you can still have your cake and eat it too!

Donna meets the Property Brothers at the International Association of Home Stager

Whether you are looking to Sell or to Restyle my job is to help you achieve the outcome you desire. Whether it be a staging consultation to help you create potential buyers, restyling and uptrending a room or to assist with transitioning to a new beginning, I’m here to help. Contact me and let’s get you moving in your new direction.  Which one of these packages is a fit for you? 

 – Dr. Donna, Your Magic Maker!

With A Room Makeover we restyle your space to fit your current lifestyle, creating spaces that fit your story. My eye is on aligning energies to create a happier more restful, balanced home. We can:

  •  Set the Stage in your bedroom for a more restful night’s sleep, or change the energy that changes the energy in a relationship. With the one you have or the one you want.
  • Set the Stage in your home office for productivity and success to happen.
  • Set the Stage in your kitchen for a more organized and happier kitchen. Redesign your existing kitchen cabinets with ShelfGenie™ Custom Glide-Out shelves. Creating more storage space, in the unused dead space where everything is in reach.
  •  Set the Stage for Holiday Entertaining.

Or choose a room you’re frustrated with and get the look you’re trying to achieve. Stop wasting money on basic design mistakes. Start getting the result you’re looking for. I use principles of design, feng shui, color, staging and mostly how the energy flows and feels using what you already have.  Save money and time and get results fast!

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Stage to Sell

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. You are packing up the past and planning for the future. While you take care of your story, we will write one for the new owner. As a home staging company, we understand potential buyers and create the ideal environment for their next chapter. We make sure buyers see the possibilities of the life they want in your home, using what you already own, turning “For Sale” into “Sold.”

Restyle to Stay

A Healthy Life starts at Home.  It is where you begin and end your story every day and the way your home functions impacts your life.  “Your home is a 3D vision board,” suggests Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond who starred in The Secret.  Are you living the lifestyle you crave? What are your surroundings secretly suggesting to your subconscious?   Do you want to re-evaluate your space, how it functions and figure out other solutions? Do you want a productive home office? One that enhances your success? Want to create better habits in the kitchen? Enjoy your kids but hide the evidence? Entertain friends with confidence? Manifest a nurturing relationship? Get a more restful nights sleep? Together we create purpose in each space of your home to support the health and happiness of you and your family.

“From the moment Donna entered my home, with such enthusiasm, she helped me get organized and suggested great ideas by rearranging and utilizing what I already have in my home.  I felt so inspired and motivated. The experience was well worth the cost. I highly recommend Donna to assist you in transforming your house into the comforts of Home!”

Sandra S.

“I really wanted to declutter and have a new fresh environment to come home to. Donna’s enthusiasm and passion was very contagious. She got right to work trying out new places for furniture, pictures and decorative objects. I saw immediate results and felt motivated tackle other house projects on my own. This experience was not only fun, but helped me to prioritize next steps to my dream home.”

Melissa R.

“Donna did an amazing job restyling my home office. She used all of my own things and still managed to completely transform the space. I use the office all of the time now. Before Donna resytled it I hardly ever went in there. Thanks so much for doing an amazing job!”

Jenn P

“I highly recommend using Stage and Restyle.  I had just moved into a new apartment after I was forced out of my old due to a water heater leak in the apartment above mine! Trying to make the furniture I had work in the new space seemed daunting, and thank God Donna was there to help! With a quick consultation in my home, we were able to use mostly what I already had.  She completely upleveled our space!  We spend all of our time in the living room now, and we love hosting friends and family, which was never the case before!  We can’t wait until she does our bedroom next.  Five stars!!!!!”

Nikki R.

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